The Society consists of 130 Swedish and 100 foreign members, divided into four classes: Physical-Mathematical, Biology-Medicine, History-Archaeology, and Engineering-Economy. The Society is led by a Presidium. When an ordinary member turns seventy, her/his position again becomes available, whereby there is an increase in the total number of members. Thus, at present the Society comprises about three hundred members.

Presiding Committee

Præses Illustris: H.M. KING CARL XVI GUSTAF

President: ULF GÖRANSON, professor, elected for 2017-2018
Vice President: ERIK GYLFE, professor, elected for 2017-2018
Permanent Secretary: HANS ELLEGREN, professor, elected for 2013-2019
Vice Secretary: ULLA BIRGEGÅRD, professor, elected for 2013-2019
Treasurer: HENRIK DIDNER, CEO, elected for 2015-2018